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        2012/5/1 15:50:53 分享到:0

        Update diary

        Prospect of Nankang ecological industry park in Huaxing Group of Jiangxi Province

        China star group completed its strategic investment deployment in 2012, which is located in the south kang eco-industrial demonstration park in jiangxi province. Under the jiangxi provincial government to encourage and support, huaxing will cover an area of more than three hundred square meters of land reform become national eco-tourism demonstration park, the park is very advantageous geographical location, guangdong jiangxi expressway crossing, with two-way high-speed mouth up and down, one thousand mu of arable land, forest land, reservoir feibao, beautiful environment, high content of anion in air. In the future, the group will spend a lot of money to develop the special ecological industry service chain which includes tourism, medical treatment, food, food, vacation and entertainment. A large number of breeding rare flowers, rare different trees, groves medicinal food, such as thousands of rare plants, form leisure vacation, recovering, theme tourism as the center, one thousand mu of economic industry for spindle, Lin create national ecological rehabilitation industry demonstration zone.


        Huaxing company
        地址:Zhong Kai Hi-tech Development Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province Huaxing Road on the 3rd