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        News Center

        2013/10/8 15:53:56 分享到:0

        Update diary

        Huizhou Huaxing Group has made great efforts to build the eco industrial chain of Gannan regional tourism industry

        Huaxing group in October 2013 and bamboo-shack vineyard industrial park project officially started, huaxing group twenty years, twenty years, a preliminary established huaxing jiangxi economic belt, the brand of jiangxi Soviet area ecological tourism industry chain, the concrete implementation of the ganzhou city science and technology development planning, the period of "11th five-year plan", the cultivation of the fruit such as grapes, and industrialization of key technology research listed as priority investment projects in agriculture, huaxing group settled in and start the program by jiangxi provincial party committee government, ganzhou municipal party committee municipal government, and bamboo-shack municipal party committee municipal government and other government departments at all levels attach great importance to and light arms, for project implementation, completed at an early date.

        Huaxing company
        地址:Zhong Kai Hi-tech Development Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province Huaxing Road on the 3rd